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Craig Collinge

Craig Collinge drummer in Third World War continues to work in the music industry

His one man show, Evolution to Revolution takes his audience on a musical journey from early man, to contemporary man, incorporating rhythm, melody and harmony using elements from the environment; sticks/stones as well as drums, percussion, keyboard /piano, in a entertaining and virtuoso performance.

Craig has also composed a musical, The Case of the Stolen Riff. with Alan Matthews.

In his own words:-

“Detective Sam and his quirky Secretary Pennywhistle, are offered 12 Gs by the dubious and colourful Johnny Staccato to find the stolen riff ,‘The Riff that themes are made of’.

“Musical intelligence [MI] leads them on their adventure. The exploits take them to the ‘lost chord’ of European music, the sensual rhythms of Cuba, the depths of bizarre Voodoo rituals, the sweating compulsive funk house. Reluctantly and with trepidation, into the world of sex drugs, rock and roll and mad rock riffs. Sam & Pennywhistle’s chaotic escapade is interwoven with the introduction of various screwball, whacky, off the wall characters…

Craig Collinge -  Drummer on TWW2 album

“I started playing the drums professionally from the age of twelve. From the age of sixteen started touring, recording and performing throughout Australia and New Zealand with various groups, including: -


Procession was contracted with Phillips Records to begin recording in London. The group toured throughout England, Scotland and Wales with people such as THE HERD featuring PETER FRAMPTON.

I went on to record and tour the USA and Europe with MANFRED MANN CHAPTER III (an adventurous, experimental jazz/rock Ten-Piece band).

I worked in England and France with ALAN PRICE (Keyboard Player with THE ANIMALS).  Recorded and toured with THIRD WORLD WAR, a group at the forefront of punk and political rock during the early seventies.

Toured with FLEETWOOD MAC filling in for Mick Fleetwood during a short tour of the USA under the title of THE NEW FLEETWOOD MAC

During my time in England I worked with many contemporary musicians on the cutting edge of experimental music and the avant-garde.

After returning to Australia for family reasons, I recorded with MARCIA HINES on the MARCIA SHINES album also, toured with her throughout Australia, also working with CEZARY SKUBISZEWKI, now an award winning composer on projects such as - ONE HAND CLAPPING, LILLIAN’S STORY, BOOTMAN, TWO HANDS, and recently BLACK AND BLUE.

Studied piano and composition with the late ROGER FRAMPTON the then head of Jazz studies at the Sydney Conservatorium.

Worked with MIKE NOCK and JACKY ORSZACZKY on an educational drum instructional video (CRASH BANG BOOM).

More recently I have been involved in a variety of projects: -

Experimental music and recording of a CD with BIG BANG INFINITY
Recorded a three CD set of New Age Music with Subconscious Soundscapes.

Formed DRUM SYNERGII which has various aspects to the business. (eg. utilizing drums and percussion in the area of team building motivation and participation)

Conducted a workshop for 520 IBM top sales achievers in the Asia/Pacific region, in Singapore.

Children’s interactive book, with 150 minutes of original music – SCREWBALLS Q4 PPP.

Craig Collinge, 2004

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