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Third World War

Terry Stamp and Jim Avery hold the distinction of forming THIRD WORLD WAR probably the UK's first, for real, “aggro” band.

Formed in London at the turn of the 70s, Third World War released 2 proto-punk albums (Fly Records and Track Records) in the very early 70s. Third World War featured an aggression unheard of at that time. With Terry Stamp’s explosive vocals, lyrics, chopper guitar style and Jim Avery’s West London, hardnut, two fisted, riff and chord approach proved unbeatable, (even thirty years on). Their socio-political agenda and proto-punk guitar style prefigured the emergence of UK “working-class” punk bands by some 5 years. Terry Stamp also recorded an album titled “Fatsticks” for A&M Records in 1975, moving to Los Angeles shortly afterwards.

Phill Brown - Engineer on TWW1 album

Paul Olsen -  Drummer   1971 - 1973

Craig Collinge -  Drummer on TWW2 album

John Hawken  -  Keyboard player on TWW2 album

Mick Liber - Guitarist on TWW1 album

Tony Ashton - Piano on TWW1 album

Bobby Keys - saxophones on TWW1 album

Jim Price - Trumpets and trombones on both albums

Ray Flacke - guitar on ‘I’d rather cut cane for Castro’
Toured with TWW 1971-1972

The Third World War Roadies... as told by Terry Stamp

Howard Parker AKA "H"
"Worked for or knew well" Frank Zappa, Jimi Hendrix. He can be seen in the Isle of Wight Festival (1971?) movie, when Hendrix is playing on stage, "H" is in view standing in the wings, has long blond hair, a thing which fascinated the hell out of Wingy (TWW harp player). I heard, (in the mid seventies, I guess), "H" went down to Greece, rented a small sail boat and headed out into the Mediterranean and never made it back.

Shady Adams
Shady was a Canadian, he was a friend of "H", came with us to France one time. Had a habit of getting really loaded and wanting to set fire to whatever building he was standing in, which got on my nerves, forcing me to straighten him out.  I heard he returned to Canada, then on his return to the UK (by ship) he got arrested in Southampton by Customs, leading to a ten year stretch at Her Majesty's Pleasure. The word had it that during his voyage back to the UK, he met a young  Canadian woman who was going to tour Europe in a Volkswagon Bus, which was also on the ship. Apparently inside the bus was a stash of weed, which Shady and the woman would toke up on during the voyage. When the bus was off loaded at Southampton, the stash was found and of course Shady denied any knowledge of it, the only problem was that Shady had left his fingerprints on the tape that held the stash together.

Roger Manifold AKA "Roger the Roadie"Worked with Johnny Winter and many others, wore a "top hat", knew 'em all, a great man. (featured on Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side of The Moon’

Liverpool Bobbie

Real name unknown, friend of Roger Manifold, kind of like Third World War's  "Luca."

Karate Burt

Real name unknown, friend of Roger and Bobbie, a karate expert, thinking about it, Roger, Bobbie and Bert, had their own Third World War going - the best "protection" you could possibly want, as at some gig's we actually had to fight our way out.

Real name unknown, worked with mainly the UK folk rockers (as I recall) came with us on the Finland Tour 1971, had all the bases covered.

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Fred Smith - Drummer on TWW1 album

John "Wingy" Wiggins - Harmonica on TWW1 album

Neemoi ‘Speedy’ Acquaye - Congas on TWW1 album

Nicky Harrison - String Arrangement on ‘Stardom Road’

Pete Martin - Classical Guitar on ‘Stardom Road’

John Knightsbridge - Guitarist on TWW2 album